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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Medical Records Retrieval Company?

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  1. Why Is Medical Record Retrieval Important?
  2. Why Should I Hire a Professional Medical Records Retrieval Company?
        a. Accurate Information
        b. Summarized Results
        c. Time Saver
        d. 24/7 Access to Records
  3. How Medical Records Retrieval Helps Law Firms
  4. Hire a Professional Medical Records Retrieval Company Today

Retrieving medical records is a complex process that should be left to the professionals at a medical records retrieval company. These individuals are subject-matter experts that use their teams to streamline the process of getting necessary documents. Outsourcing this task can free up valuable time for you and your business.

Why Is Medical Record Retrieval Important?

While electronic records are common, there are other times when manual methods like fax, paper, or mail are still used. Healthcare professionals, law firms, and countless other businesses use these records for a variety of reasons. It can be very difficult to find the records that you need and retrieving them can also be a complex process. This makes hiring a medical record retrieval company a great decision for most businesses.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Medical Records Retrieval Company?
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A medical record retrieval service like American Retrieval offers many benefits to its customers, including:

Accurate Information

Maintaining accurate records is often one of the most difficult parts of retrieving them. A lot of people need to be contacted and oftentimes follow-ups may be required, which takes time. By hiring a medical record retrieval service, they have contacts with third-party individuals who can help make the experience go by much faster. They also understand where requests need to go to get what you need.

Summarized Results

When you’re looking for something specific while trying to finish a client’s case, you won’t need to go through the entire medical history. They can retrieve and summarize these details for you. This not only saves time but helps with the turnaround time for finalizing important cases for your clients.

Time Saver

Outsourcing these tasks allows you to spend time on other tasks you may be procrastinating. While handling things in-house may save money, you’ll have more time to gather other information for your case and get it resolved as quickly as possible with our expert service.

24/7 Access to Records

These records will be available to you and your staff at any time from American Retrieval. Our HIPAA-compliant portal is easy to navigate and search through. Having everything on a digital portal is convenient and makes accessing them from anywhere easy.

How Medical Records Retrieval Helps Law Firms

Let’s face it, law firms are bombarded with clients, cases, and overall workload. This means that tedious tasks such as hunting down medical records may just be too much work for them. This is where a medical records retrieval service comes in. They have the necessary experience and have fostered important relationships with third parties to quickly get the documents you need at an affordable rate.

Hire a Professional Medical Records Retrieval Company Today 

At American Retrieval, we are one of the nation’s leaders in medical record retrieval for insurance companies and law firms alike. Our medical records retrieval company has created long-time relationships and partnerships that help us streamline the oftentimes complex process of retrieving important documents. We understand how important it is to obtain this documentation for insurance claims and legal cases.

Our subject-matter experts can streamline this process, which means your clients reach resolution faster. Best of all, your time is freed up to do other important tasks within your business. We understand the documentation process including the importance of releasing information for billing, insurance premiums, or even personal injury lawsuits.

Our digital portal makes retrieving the documents we find for you easy from anywhere and on any computer or mobile device. To learn more about what our medical records retrieval company can do for you, contact us today.

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