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How Are Retrieved Medical Records Stored?

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  1. HIPAA Requirements for Compliant Storage
  2. Reduced Administrative Processes for Retrieved Medical Records
  3. Improved Record Accessibility
  4. Safe and Secure Retrieved Medical Records Storage

When your firm’s paying for retrieved medical records, it’s vital you’re working with a comprehensive medical records retrieval service. Medical record retrievals and storage must adhere to HIPAA privacy laws. Taking every possible advantage to make sure your client’s private medical information stays safe is vital for any law firm; this is only one of the many benefits that come with using a medical records retrieval service. 

HIPAA Requirements for Compliant Storage

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Safely storing medical documentation is imperative for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA laws keep a client’s medical information protected from possible privacy invasion. There are technical safeguards to protect health information transferred digitally, as well as physical safeguards in place to protect the storage of this private information. In addition, there are privacy, security, breach notification, omnibus, and enforcement rules in place by HIPAA. If HIPAA privacy laws are violated, your firm could face hefty fines and a possible lawsuit.

When a law office is using billable man hours to retrieve medical information, there’s a higher chance of a piece of medical information being mishandled by a paralegal. Oftentimes, the individual working on retrieving the medical documentation is under pressure to complete the retrieval as quickly as possible. This is where HIPAA law is often not followed properly. 

However, this isn’t a concern with American Retrieval. Once American Retrieval gets any medical records in, all of the records are stored in our HIPAA compliant portal. In addition, American Retrieval has a process to share these documents back to your law firm for different case management system integrations. All records retrieved from American Retrieval are stored indefinitely, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about losing records again.

Reduced Administrative Processes for Retrieved Medical Records

Every state has different legal requirements for how long medical data can be stored for. American Retrieval offers long-term HIPAA compliant storage solutions. All of the records brought into our system are stored indefinitely. If any medical documentation needed for a case is misplaced or damaged in your firm, your team can always re-access the documentation through the HIPAA compliant portal. 

By utilizing this portal in your records retrieval process, your firm will no longer need to focus on creating an administrative process. This means your firm won’t have to worry about hiring designated security personnel to monitor the medical documentation or providing additional HIPAA compliance training for all of your employees. In addition, using a medical records retrieval service allows for a significant reduction in the total length of time it takes to receive necessary documentation that’s related to a case. 

Improved Record Accessibility 

During a legal matter, having quick accessibility to important medical documentation will also reduce billable hours, further lowering your client’s costs. In larger cases, documentation can sometimes get misplaced and further slow down any case progress. Every patient’s medical journey is unique; oftentimes, there are mountains of files to sort through to find the exact one needed. Simple mistakes can be costly, especially when you’re paying for an entire team.

Implementing a digital portal allows a fast search function to find this important documentation instantly, improving the efficiency of your team. At the end of the day, you’re saving your firm and your client money and time.  

Safe and Secure Retrieved Medical Records Storage

American Retrieval cares about your firm and the patients you’re working with. We’re dedicated to securely retrieving, delivering, and storing all of the medical data you need to win your next case.

Give more power back to your clients. Contact us today to request a demo and see how we can improve your current retrieved medical records process.

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