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How Does OCR for Medical Records Help Law Firms With Their Cases?

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  1. OCR for Medical Records Saves You Time and Stress
  2. OCR for Medical Records Simplifies Medical Records
  3. Identifies Medical Charts and Documents
  4. Law Firms and Clients Make Money Faster
  5. Take Advantage of American Retrieval’s OCR Services

Optical character recognition (OCR) for medical records is a game changer when it comes to aiding law firms and attorneys in retrieving medical records for clients efficiently and promptly. Legal entities love this tool as it effectively pulls up the most critical parts of their client’s medical history and records. This technology immediately finds medical history relevant to their client’s case, meaning hours of headache searching through medical documents is avoided.

OCR for Medical Records Saves You Time and Stress

The advent of OCR technology benefits law firms and attorneys tenfold. OCR makes medical record retrieval simple for you and your law firm’s team. No attorney enjoys the demanding task of looking through hundreds of medical documents. OCR technology increases efficiency and productivity for law firms and attorneys when working on finding necessary relevant medical records.

OCR for Medical Records Simplifies Medical Records

As an attorney, you know how crucial time management is when working on your client’s case. Searching for hours on end for a specific part of a medical document is tedious and time-consuming. At American Retrieval, we make that process easy for you, and can help simplify medical records by:

Medical Records OCR

  • Highlighting key words
  • Finding pertinent phrases
  • Singling out relevant medical documents

Our OCR technology takes highly complicated and lengthy medical documents and simplifies/highlights keywords and phrases relevant to your client’s case. For example, you may want to avoid seeing that document from your client’s old physical when looking for records about their recent visits to the ER.

Our technology condenses the essential pieces you’re looking for as an attorney or law firm, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Identifies Medical Charts and Documents

OCR technology for medical records helps guarantee that the client’s medical charts and individual forms are identified accurately and precisely. This allows for a dependable and seamless transition of medical documents from paper documents to electronic documents. This, yet again, helps save time and frustration on the part of the client, law firm, or attorney.

It’s important to note why OCR is crucial in transitioning medical documents from paper to electronic. Think of it this way: Say you were to take a picture of a paper document with your cell phone. What you’re left with is only a picture of that document. You can’t search for keywords on that image.

OCR technology overcomes this by inspecting the image and transitioning the words into characters, just like if you had manually typed them yourself. These newly formed characters can now be stored in a system to make them very easy to search for.

Law Firms and Clients Make Money Faster

OCR technology helps law firms, attorneys, and their clients make money in a much more efficient manner. This technology speeds up the process of pinpointing relevant medical documents. Consequently, the cases for attorneys and their clients move faster. The payoff? You and your client make money quicker than following the traditional route of searching through endless documents.

The duration of your case is shortened by weeks and, in some cases, even months. This is another prominent factor in why our OCR technology here at American Retrieval is so advantageous to law firms and attorneys dealing with recovering medical records.

Take Advantage of American Retrieval’s OCR Services

At American Retrieval, we offer exceptional services in OCR for medical records assisting law firms and attorneys. You can schedule a private demo with us at a day and time that is convenient for you.During the demo, you’ll find out how American Retrieval can decrease the cost, time, and stress of obtaining medical documents. Be sure to inform us of the best way to contact you to schedule your future demonstration.

Contact American Retrieval today to speak with one of our team members about OCR for medical records.

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