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How Much Do Medical Record Retrieval Services Cost?

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  1. The Real Price of Your Current Operations
  2. The Cost of More Clients
  3. Looking at the Lower Medical Record Retrieval Services Cost
  4. How the Medical Record Retrieval Services Cost Saves Your Firm

Learning how much medical record retrieval services cost can help you to realize how much you could be saving your firm per project. Paying an hourly for a dedicated team to sort through your client’s medical records makes it difficult to keep a strict budget. Overtime rates can take a huge chunk out of your budget when unexpected problems arise during a manual retrieval process. Medical record retrieval services allow your firm to optimize both compliance and revenue with the use of a flat-rate cost for each retrieval. 

The Real Price of Your Current Operations

Your bottom line is important, which is why American Retrieval cares about  it. If your current retrieval process involves paying for a paralegal or a team of paralegals to retrieve medical records for your clients, hiring a medical record retrieval service will cut down on your operating costs. Your firm won’t have to pay for man hours spent managing the retrieval process and all of the documentation that comes with it. In addition, your firm won’t have to worry about the cost of a lawsuit if any medical documentation is mishandled during the retrieval process. 

During the medical records retrieval process, American Retrieval allows your law firm to set rate limits with providers per record. We’ll reach out to let you know current provider rates if you send in an invoice with an overage. Our team will go back to the original order, edit, and re-send this for free. This is another way American Retrieval will help to cut your operation costs, which will help save a patient money.

The Cost of More Clients 

Utilizing medical record retrieval services will lighten up the load on your current staff, allowing your team to focus their efforts on meeting all of the needs of your current clients. As your processes speed up and your costs low, you’ll begin to bring in more clients. Managing high priority cases will become easier for your attorney and they’ll be able to focus all of their attention on winning their next case. 

Even as your client base grows, you’ll continue to have a consistent retrieval cost you can count on. This means one less thing for you to worry about, so you can focus on doing your best – winning cases. 

Looking at the Lower Medical Record Retrieval Services Cost

Any attorney knows the most time-consuming progress for a medical retrieval process is jumping through all of the hoops required to follow HIPAA law. Paying an individual or team to send out requests and enter medical information in your software can be pretty expensive. The more people you hire to help you manage your firm’s medical record retrieval services, the higher your bottom line will be for your clients.

The price of a medical record retrieval can vary from service to service. One of the biggest benefits of using American Retrieval for your medical records retrieval needs is our low flat-rate cost. Your firm can set upfront fees limits on how much you’re spending on records. This gives you the chance to stick to a strict budget and not have to worry about any potential overages. In the end, this helps the patients you’re working with to save too. 

How the Medical Record Retrieval Services Cost Saves Your Firm

At American Retrieval, we want to support your law firm and clients the best way we can. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with an affordable retrieval rate, no matter how big or small your project is. Stop overspending on a retrieval team. Reach out today to learn how our medical record retrieval services cost compares to your current budget.

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