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What Are Medical Record Retrieval Services?

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  1. What Businesses Can Use Medical Record Retrieval Services
  2. Do I Need Medical Record Retrieval Services
  3. Are Medical Retrieval Services Legally Compliant
  4. American Retrieval: Here For Your Business Needs

If you find that your business needs patient medical records, our medical record retrieval services are here to help. These include any third party that helps your company retrieve medical records. At American Retrieval, we will take the process off your hands by finding the provider, making the request, and storing the records. You’ll then be able to access the record as needed. 

What Businesses Can Use Medical Record Retrieval Services? 

Any company that needs medical records can use medical record retrieval services, including insurance companies and law firms. Insurance companies and adjusters can use our services for determining claims, underwriting, and more. Law firms and attorneys can use our services if they need medical records as evidence in cases, whether it’s for personal injury or workers’ compensation. 

Do I Need Medical Record Retrieval Services? 

While you can retrieve the records yourself, it can be a tedious process. First, you have to figure out where to go — in other words, the patient’s provider. If a provider handles medical record requests by mail, you’ll need to find the right address to send it to and determine how to get your specific request to them.

All medical record requests require patient authorization or authorization from a power of attorney. Each provider will usually have a different way of regulating authorizations. You’ll also need to make sure your request’s wording is precise. For example, a broad request will take longer to process and potentially contain information that isn’t needed for your specific use case. 

All in all, this can be a time-consuming process that diverts attention away from other important matters in your business. This is why many businesses trust us with their medical record retrieval needs. 

Are Medical Retrieval Services Legally Compliant? 

Legal compliance is an important matter when it comes to retrieving medical records. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was created to protect a patient’s medical information. This covers many aspects of the medical record retrieval process. 

For example, in the Technical Safeguards section of HIPAA, every user must have a unique name and/or number assigned to them. Meanwhile, in the Physical Safeguards section, physical access to electronic information systems needs to be limited and only allow authorized users. 

These are far from the only examples of requirements that HIPAA outlines. But don’t worry, at American Retrieval, we’ve got you covered when it comes to complying with HIPAA. We keep all medical records stored on our safe, HIPAA-compliant servers. 

American Retrieval: Here For Your Business Needs 

We’ve been working with companies since 1993 to ensure a seamless medical record retrieval process. When you work with experts at American Retrieval, you’ll experience the following benefits from our medical record retrieval services:

  • Personalized customer service:Record Medical Retrieval Services We assign a single account service professional to you that will be there to help you and answer your questions throughout the process. We don’t make you go through a call center or transfer you between agents. 
  • Tracking: We will never leave you to wonder, “What happened to the medical record request?” Our comprehensive, real-time tracking will keep you updated. 
  • Searchable records: Medical records can be complex. Once we retrieve the medical record, you will be able to search through it. Our platform even allows you to add annotations and highlights for easy reference. 
  • Flat-rate pricing: We have one simple flat-rate price, and you’ll only be charged when you actually receive the records. You won’t have to deal with hidden fees, double charges, or other hassles. 
  • Saving time: Getting authorizations, following provider regulations, and complying with HIPAA are just a few of the many things you’ll need to pay attention to when retrieving medical records. With our years of expertise, we know the ins and outs of the process and can handle it in a timely manner. 

All of these benefits and more come standard with your experience at American Retrieval. If you need medical record retrieval services, contact us today.

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