Utah Medical Record Retrieval Services

Reliable Medical Record Retrieval Solutions

American Retrieval is a leader in the medical record retrieval industry, offering outstanding, efficient record retrieval services to law firms and insurance companies in Utah. Our team of experts works with your company to integrate an innovative medical record retrieval infrastructure into your existing systems. We’ve worked hard to engineer a robust and reliable online system that enables your team to easily access essential documents in order to function at the highest level of efficiency.

Since 1993, our Utah medical record retrieval company has served, and we know exactly how crucial medical documents can be to law firms and insurance agencies’ success. Our medical record retrieval experts prioritize your needs so that you can access the essential documents required fast. We’re a trusted name in the record retrieval industry and maintain an extensive network of relationships with providers and medical record custodians. The connections we’ve cultivated throughout the years enable our experts to provide you with important documents faster than any other industry name. American Retrieval’s modernized medical record retrieval services are affordable and reliable, so your company can focus on what’s important to your clients: securing claims and winning cases.

Some medical records must remain confidential, and relegating the tedious task of accessing them to an intern or low-level paralegal leaves many opportunities for things to get lost in the shuffle. Let the professionals at American Retrieval take care of the time-consuming calls and communications to find the correct records required for your case. Our HIPAA-compliant portal ensures that essential documents stay safe and confidential instead of being potentially lost to a pile of papers on a desk in your office.

Our innovative online technology allows insurance and legal teams to access documents and use a wide variety of tools to annotate, combine, highlight, and share records. The portal also gives users a timeline on the medical record retrieval process. Your Utah law firm or insurance company can see precise tracking and receive updates on your order’s status if any delays occur. Keep all the essential documents for your cases, and claims secure and in order by integrating American Retrieval’s advanced medical record retrieval solutions.

Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms

American Retrieval is a Utah medical record retrieval company working with law firms across the state to access important documents for upcoming legal cases. We understand that medical records are often the missing link in litigation. We’ll take the stress of in-house record retrieval and make it disappear entirely. Our experienced record retrieval team takes a tedious job and performs it fast, so your legal team doesn’t lose focus on winning cases for your clients.

We work with law firms of all sizes throughout Utah, providing fast, accurate, and reliable medical record retrieval services, so your staff doesn’t have to waste any more time doing it themselves. American Retrieval is a recognized name in the medical record retrieval world. Over nearly thirty years, our experienced professionals have worked tirelessly to garner trust from medical record custodians and providers across the country. With so many strong relationships in the medical record industry, we’re able to offer impressively speedy services to law firms in Utah. When you work with American Retrieval, you’re getting a reliable, recognized name in the medical record retrieval world. We strive to keep up our reputation as a secure, efficient, and affordable medical record retrieval service for law firms.

American Retrieval bases prices on state statute cost limits, so we can always offer law firms in Utah the lowest prices for medical record retrieval services. We won’t sacrifice the quality of customer service and transparency for the lower price, either. Our experts invest plenty of time providing the best medical record retrieval services possible. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire retrieval process to answer any questions and address concerns or delays that might occur. Luckily, our experienced medical record retrieval professionals are quick and punctual, providing the essential documents your law firm needs for successful litigation. Our easy to use online portal integrates seamlessly into existing systems, allowing legal teams to easily look at medical records for cases in one confidential location. Use the secure system to annotate, highlight, and share documents between team members, so everyone stays on the same page throughout the case’s duration. It’s never been easy to access and collaborate on the documents your team needs than with American Retrieval’s innovative online system.

Our Services:

  • Upfront pricing model
  • Lightning-fast turnaround time
  • Secure virtual portal for digital record retrieval
  • Full suite of tools to search, bookmark, highlight, annotate, and combine documents digitally
  • Share documents securely via an online portal
  • Store records on American Retrieval’s secure, HIPAA-compliant server
  • Up-to-date, comprehensive record request tracking

Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

We offer medical record retrieval services to insurance companies in Utah to improve efficiency and increase team productivity with affordable, easy-to-use solutions. We’ve been a leading name in medical record retrieval for insurance agencies in Utah for thirty years. We understand how vital medical documents are for securing insurance claims. Our team of experts works quickly to find and provide your required medical records. Implement American Retrieval’s online portal into your insurance company’s existing system to improve productivity. The “one-stop” online shop allows team members to access, annotate, combine, and share medical records with others in the company. The online portal is HIPAA-compliant, so you can be sure all your clients’ confidential documents don’t get into the wrong hands. Stop wasting time seeking out your own medical records for insurance claims. Utilize American Retrieval, a dedicated medical record retrieval company in Utah. Outsourcing to our experts leaves time and resources for your team to focus on successfully securing insurance claims and coverage.

Prompt and accurate communication is crucial to the success of your company. Integrating our virtual system ensures your team can work on important documents and records securely and confidentially, all in one place. You won’t be left in the dark when it comes to the retrieval process itself, either. Use the online portal to track your requested records and find up-to-date information on any shipping delays. American Retrieval offers a straightforward online portal to collaborate securely on medical documents that can make or break someone’s claim or coverage. Your team will love how easy it is to work together, using our innovative tools. For fast, affordable, reliable medical record retrieval for insurance agencies, American Retrieval is the top choice.

Our Services:

  • Affordable rates
  • Impressive turnaround times
  • Digital record retrieval for APS and claims
  • Search and share annotated records with your entire insurance team
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant portal to collaborate on important documents for claims
  • Secure record storage in our online portal
  • Track your medical record request from start to finish

Affordable Record Retrieval Services in Utah

Medical record retrieval services shouldn’t take up all of your company’s time, money, and energy. American Retrieval offers focused, innovative tools to Utah law firms and insurance companies at an impressively affordable price. Let your employees focus on the fundamentals that really matter; winning cases and securing loyal clients’ claims. Use our upfront pricing to shop and compare rates against other medical record retrieval providers. You can compare costs before ever even placing an order. We know just how expensive medical record retrieval services can be, so we set our approval limits through state statute cost limits. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding services at the lowest prices possible. Stop sacrificing time and resources on in-house record retrieval when you could be working with American Retrieval now. We’ll get your Utah law firm or insurance company essential documents at impressive speeds, so your team can focus on wrapping up cases and claims quickly.