El Paso Medical Record Retrieval Services

You Deserve Experienced and Reliable Medical Record Retrieval

When you need medical records for your insurance company or law firm in El Paso, you need a partner in the medical record retrieval industry. American Retrieval has almost three decades of experience in the industry that makes us the number one company in the El Paso area. We offer easy-to-use online tools, straightforward record request processes, complete training, and quick delivery to help you help your clients more efficiently than ever.

The American Retrieval Advantage

When your company is growing and taking on new clients, you find yourself looking for faster and more affordable services that retrieve medical records in El Paso, Texas. It isn’t a good idea to waste time or money on unreliable medical record retrieval services or assign inexperienced staff members to do it. Your law firm or insurance company deserves to work with an outstanding medical record retrieval service for businesses like yours.

American Retrieval offers you access to training, customer support, and awesome tools to help you easily get the medical records your clients need. Here’s a look at a few of the services we have to help you:

Industry Relationships

American Retrieval has worked hard to make a name for ourselves in El Paso, Texas, and around the country. We’ve created a nationwide network of other industry leaders with access to local medical records along with authorized medical record providers. When these specialists realize the request came from American Retrieval, they’re ready to act quickly and ensure your request gets to you immediately. Our developed relationships with people in the industry make it a snap to offer your law firm or insurance company medical record retrieval services that you can count on to arrive with lightning speed and accuracy.

Virtual Resources

In one place, you’ll find and be able to access the important medical records the clients of your law firm or insurance company needs to make their case. We provide a virtual tool that works with your existing systems to make the implementation process fast and easy. Our secure virtual portal is compliant with all the current HIPAA regulations, so it’s an excellent resource that also protects the clients of your law firm or insurance company.

Also, explore our online tool that offers a full range of functionalities. This makes it easier for your team to search, combine, share, highlight, and annotate medical records along with other client info that needs to be protected. Before your team begins, we provide thorough training on the ways to use these tools and take advantage of their full potential. You’ll find improved productivity, which helps you offer better services to your clients.

Budget-Friendly Rates

In El Paso, TX, American Retrieval works hard to offer you the lowest prices when you need to use a record retrieval service. Our pricing is set using state-specific statutory cost limitations. This makes it easy for us to offer the lowest price possible each time you need medical records. We encourage you to sample the prices offered by others because we know that you can’t find better pricing on the fast service you need for medical record retrieval services in El Paso.

Fast Turnaround Times

Retrieving medical records is a tedious process, and when you use an inexperienced team to do the job, they may make some mistakes during this time-consuming process. When you’re preparing for a big case or helping an insurance customer, you don’t want to leave them waiting while you try to get the necessary documentation. American Retrieval is the company you can trust to get the records you need.

When you request medical records, our team strives to offer you the fastest turnaround rates possible. We provide you with frequent updates and a way to track every order in real-time as our experienced team retrieves the records you need. You don’t need to wait on slow, unreliable services when you can switch to American Retrieval. We offer the fastest service in El Paso for medical records retrieval. When you contact us, our specialist can provide you with more information about our effective and affordable medical record retrieval solutions.

Medical Record Retrieval for El Paso, TX Law Firms

A big case means that you don’t have time to wonder if the medical record retrieval firm is reliable and experienced enough to avoid mistakes.

When you work with American Retrieval, you can focus on your case and clients while we take care of securing the medical records you need. We make sure you get the medical records quickly and accurately.

In legal cases, medical records can help you secure a judgment in your favor. American Retrieval is ready to help law firms of any size along with individual lawyers. We can provide records for every legal area and retrieve these medical reasons for a host of legal reasons, such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Malpractice
  • Mass torts
  • Insurance defense
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Product liability
  • And more

While we retrieve the critical medical records, you can put your expertise to work representing your clients. Put our secure online platform to work accessing the medical records that you need for your next legal battle. Contact us today, so we can help you sign up for the best medical record retrieval services available for attorneys in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso, TX Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Medical record retrieval can be an essential service for insurance companies. American Retrievals is excited to help insurance companies as well as individual agents in El Paso, Tx. We can help you take better care of your clients when they make a claim or need coverage.

Our online portal helps you securely combine, access, share, and annotate medical records with your team while remaining HIPPA compliant. When you partner with American Retrieval for all your medical records retrieval needs, you work with a company that understands the insurance industry and provides reliable on-time delivery while offering reasonable prices

Assist your clients by taking advantage of our budget-friendly medical record retrieval services for insurance teams. These records work for a variety of claim services, such as:

  • General claims
  • First-party insurance claims
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance and accidents
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Natural disaster coverage
  • And more

Your clients need your support, and you can hand off your medical record retrieval services to the experienced and reliable team at American Retrieval. Reach out to us to learn more about what makes us the most successful medical record retrieval services for El Paso insurance specialists.

Enjoy Amazing Medical Record Retrieval Services in El Paso, TX

Both law firms and insurance companies need medical records to handle each case with care. A lot is hinging on these client documents, so make sure you partner with a record retrieval service that is up to the task. American Retrieval knows the pressure you face in the insurance and legal industry, and we tailor our solutions to your particular needs.

We offer fast turnaround times, a network of medical record custodians, essential customer service, and virtual tools, so we get the medical records you need to settle a claim or to provide evidence in your big case. Stop working with inexperienced and unreliable retrieval partners. American Retrieval is ready to start working with you today in El Paso, Texas.