Philadelphia Medical Record Retrieval Services

Trusted Philadelphia Medical Record Retrieval Services

In the City of Brotherly Love, law firms and insurance companies require superior medical record retrieval services to effectively serve their clients. When your insurance company or legal team needs a reliable partner in medical record retrieval, we’re the one to call.

At American Retrieval, we’re proud to provide affordable, professional medical record retrieval services to businesses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While you’re supporting your clients, our team of experienced retrieval specialists will be supporting you. Contact us to learn about the quickest, most cost-effective medical record retrieval solutions in Philadelphia, PA, today.

The American Retrieval Advantage

We work hard to provide the city of Philadelphia with the best medical record retrieval services. Whether you work in the insurance industry or are part of a successful law firm, our medical record retrieval solutions can set you apart from your competitors. Improve efficiency and take better care of your clients when you take advantage of our outstanding medical record retrieval services for Philly businesses.

Reliable Partnerships 

We’ve been a leading name in Philadelphia medical record retrieval for nearly thirty years. When medical record custodians and providers see the American Retrieval name, they know to act quickly to help us deliver your medical record requests at lightning-fast speeds. We rely on our robust network of partnerships to provide you with reliable services and impressive turnaround rates. Work with a team of professionals you can trust to get the job done on time; contact us to get started with fast, affordable Philadelphia medical record retrieval services.

Useful Virtual Tools

Through the years, our team has worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive virtual platform complete with a full suite of functionalities. The result is our HIPAA-compliant online portal which makes it easy to access, annotate, combine, and share medical records amongst your insurance company or team of attorneys.

You’ll be impressed by how quickly our HIPAA-compliant online portal improves communication and productivity levels for your business. In addition, we provide a seamless setup of the system, which quickly integrates with your company’s existing infrastructure. Finally, our specialists supply in-depth training so that you can take advantage of all the unique features found in our virtual portal.

Affordable Rates

Here at American Retrieval, we guarantee to give our customers the lowest prices for their medical record retrieval services. You might be wondering how we can keep costs so low? Since we utilize state statute cost limitations, we can always maintain the lowest price points in Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. Shop around with other services, but we promise you won’t find a more budget-friendly solution for your business than our affordable medical record retrieval.

Fast Delivery

In the past, your own employees probably handled your medical record retrieval needs. Unfortunately, in-house medical record retrieval can often wind up taking unnecessary amounts of time and resources. Plus, it leaves room for mistakes and communication errors. Instead, you need a professional medical record retrieval company that can handle everything you throw its way.

At American Retrieval, we understand your business’s needs and work fast to deliver your medical records right on time. Utilizing our services will free up plenty of time for your employees to focus on the work that truly matters. Our impressive turnaround times will have your legal and insurance teams winning cases and taking care of claims in no time. So take something off your teams’ plates and partner with us for the fastest Philadelphia medical record retrieval.

Medical Record Retrieval for Attorneys in Philadelphia

Running a law firm can be incredibly hectic, so it’s crucial to have tools that keep your office productive. Since medical records can play such a massive role in the outcome of legal cases, you also need tools to obtain medical records in minimal time. Instead of relegating medical record retrieval to your lower-level employees, let us take the reins. We strive to provide the most exceptional medical record retrieval for law firms in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition, we achieve impressive turnaround rates with every medical record request, so you’re always prepared when you step into the courtroom. Plus, with our services, you receive our HIPAA-compliant online portal to easily communicate with team members and share critical medical records before a big case.

We work with individual attorneys and larger legal firms in every practice area, providing services to help successfully litigate various kinds of cases, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Malpractice
  • Mass torts
  • Insurance defense
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Product liability
  • And more

Legal cases can be extremely overwhelming for everyone involved. Take better care of your clients as they continue navigating the complexities of litigation by utilizing professional medical record retrieval services for your Philadelphia law firm. Then, when you’re ready to make the switch to Philly’s most reliable partner in medical record retrieval, give us a call and get started.

Medical Record Retrieval for Philadelphia Insurance Agents

Insurance teams can also take advantage of the outstanding medical record retrieval solutions we offer. After almost thirty years in the industry, we understand what your insurance company needs to assist your clients with their insurance claims and coverages. Act now and partner with American Retrieval for reliable medical record retrieval services for insurance companies in Philadelphia.

Whether you’re helping someone file claims after a serious auto accident or you’re setting up life insurance for an individual, medical records are often necessary. We complete every medical record request in the shortest time frame possible so that you can continue providing essential services to your insurance company’s clients.

Your insurance team can take advantage of our affordable and efficient medical record retrieval services, useful in many essential insurance applications, such as:

  • General claims
  • First-party insurance claims
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance and accidents
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Natural disaster coverage
  • And more

If your insurance team needs a new system to support a growing client base, American Retrieval can help. We have long-standing relationships with medical record custodians across the country and implement a fantastic virtual tool complete with valuable functionalities. Contact our experts to start a reliable partnership with the preferred medical record retrieval company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Practical, Affordable Medical Record Retrieval in Philadelphia, PA

Often, medical records can be a critical component of legal cases or insurance claims. As a result, owners of insurance companies and law firms in Philadelphia need reliable medical record retrieval services. However, finding a medical record retrieval company that can successfully meet your needs can be challenging. At American Retrieval, we have vast professional experience and a deep understanding of each industry, allowing us to provide your team with solutions that exceed your every expectation.

When you’re ready to make the switch to an expert medical record retrieval company, contact our team. We’ll implement online tools that boost productivity and bring a range of benefits to your business. Go with American Retrieval today and get started with the most outstanding medical record retrieval in Philadelphia.