Ohio Medical Record Retrieval Services

Your Ideal Medical Record Retrieval Solution

Throughout the great state of Ohio, we offer affordable and reliable medical record retrieval services for legal teams and insurance companies that need it most. We’re the nation’s most trusted partner for secure healthcare record retrieval, continually pushing the envelope with innovative technologies and improved processes.

Here at American Retrieval, we understand how crucial medical record retrieval is for your legal team or insurance company. Your cases and claims rely on this information, which means you need it fast. That’s why we focus heavily on expediting medical record retrieval for our clients so that you’re able to tackle cases or handle claims faster. Record retrieval is a tedious process, one that is extremely dependent on attention to detail. Your staff shouldn’t be bogged down by medical record retrieval. Open up your team’s schedule so that they can focus on core competencies while we take care of the retrieval process. Improve your workflow and staff satisfaction with our optimized medical record retrieval services.

We’ve helped countless businesses with their medical record retrieval needs through our HIPAA compliant digital portal. If your Ohio law firm or insurance company needs better functionality out of your medical record retrieval, we have you covered. Our digital portal comes equipped with powerful search capabilities, annotation tools, and navigation for better — more accurate medical record retrieval. Let us help you simplify your processes and reach your goals without worrying about obtaining protected health information.

Ohio Law Firm Medical Record Retrieval

Every law firm in the state of Ohio has the same problems with its medical record retrieval processes. It’s too slow. We’ve heard you loud and clear, which is our system was built for lightning-fast record retrieval. Our HIPAA compliant portal empowers your team and their medical record retrieval efforts with a more reliable solution. It also creates the opportunity for collaboration with easier multiparty litigation processes through one unified system.

Ohio law firms put their faith in our system and services. We’ve established trusted relationships with legal teams around the state by taking the time to understand the unique pain points and issues law firms face with their medical record retrieval needs. Speed and accuracy are at the forefront of most attorney’s minds. With our digital portal, you’re able to search, order, track, and receive your medical records in one simplified and optimized location. We also provide customized support channels that your legal team can fall back on if there are any hiccups with your retrieval process. Because medical record retrieval is so detail-oriented and time-consuming, issues do arise. However, our support team is here to help you every step of the way for the best experience possible.

Your legal cases require medical record retrieval, and we’re here to make the process simpler, faster, and more affordable for your law firm.

Our Services:

  • Lowest Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Digital medical record retrieval for attorneys
  • A full suite of text search and editing tools using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Securely shareable records with annotation, bookmark, redaction, and highlight capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professionals to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Ohio Insurance Medical Record Retrieval

As the nation’s leading medical record retrieval service, we’re proud to offer lightning-fast, reliable, and secure retrieval systems for your insurance company. Our technologies are unmatched, offering a wide range of functionality and simplified features that make the process far easier for your team to manage. You’ll have real-time access to the medical records you need for important claims.

Our HIPAA compliant digital portal allows you to search, order, and receive your medical records in one easy-to-use system. This portal gives your agents access to the information they need to handle claims in real-time. With incredible functions like highlight features, search text, annotations, and combine information capabilities, you’ll save time and sanity with the medical record retrieval process. There’s a reason why so many insurance companies choose to outsource their retrieval needs to American Retrieval. We have the solutions you need at the price point you’ll love.

If you’re worried about onboarding a new system, we understand. That’s why we built our medical record retrieval services to integrate with your existing tools and processes. No more stoppages or roadblocks during the onboarding stage. Instead, you can hit the ground running the moment you hire on American Retrieval. Our customer support team will take care of your every need and help you during all of the pain points that may arise during the initial onboarding stages. We’ll help you settle claims, determine coverages, and manage legal liabilities faster and more accurately than ever before.

Our Services:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • APS and claims digital medical records retrieval
  • Searchable and easily shareable records with annotation capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professional to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Affordable Rates

We’re proud to offer the very best medical record retrieval services in the country — all at an affordable rate. Law firms and insurance companies can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands with American Retrieval. We set upfront cost approval limits through state statute cost limitations on every single one of our medical record retrieval services. You’ll get the best possible price point because it’s the most competitive possible price point. If you want a faster, more reliable, and better medical record retrieval system — we can help.