North Dakota Medical Record Retrieval Services

Medical Record Retrieval Services for North Dakota Businesses

When it comes to securing insurance cover or wrapping up a legal case, medical records can play a critical role in your company’s success. After selecting your services, it’s not unreasonable for new clients to have high expectations of your insurance company or law firm. Fast and secure access to all necessary medical records makes it easier to advocate for your client after accidents, procedures, and other medical-related problems. American Retrieval is a North Dakota medical record retrieval company making all difference as you help customers through some challenging experiences.

American Retrieval employs an outstanding team of medical record retrieval professionals to provide expert services across the country. More specifically, we work within the state of North Dakota, securing critical documents quickly and with the utmost confidentiality for insurance companies and attorneys or legal teams. We strive to offer affordable solutions, so you can improve efficiency without having to worry about barreling through your business’s budget.

When working with American Retrieval, you receive a robust virtual resource via our HIPAA-compliant online portal. Complete with a wide breadth of valuable tools, insurance agencies and legal teams can use the secure online portal to access, combine, share, and collaborate on essential documents while building a defense or filing claims. This easy-to-use tool integrates effortlessly into your company’s existing infrastructure, immediately boosting workflow and productivity across the board.

If you’re looking for a North Dakota medical record retrieval company you can trust to provide the highest quality services to your insurance company or law firm, look no further than American Retrieval. Contact us today to learn more about how our products and services can improve efficiency by regularly saving your business time, money, and human resources.

Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms

Legal clients put a lot of trust in their attorneys or litigation teams to take care of them when a tough case arises. North Dakota law firms need reliable medical record retrieval services to maintain their clients’ confidence in the company.

American Retrieval is a North Dakota medical record retrieval working with various types of attorneys and legal teams to offer expert solutions that allow you to continue providing top-quality legal services to every client. From personal injury firms and discrimination attorneys to divorce lawyers and more, you can always find a suitable solution for the legal sector at American Retrieval.

Law firms and attorneys in North Dakota need high-quality record retrieval services that are secure and confidential, so critical client information never falls into the wrong hands. American Retrieval offers affordable medical record retrieval for law firms via real-time tracking and an ultra-secure online access portal that compliments your existing infrastructure and workflow. Our HIPAA-compliant server comes equipped with a range of useful tools to help improve your team’s workflow. Access, combine, annotate, highlight, and share medical records amongst your law firm’s attorneys with our innovative online tool.

When you want to save time and money on the detailed task of medical record retrieval, don’t delegate the daunting job to an intern or underling. Instead, work with the experts at American Retrieval to improve efficiency and impress your clients with our quick, secure services. We are a well-recognized and respected name in the record retrieval industry, with a robust network of medical providers and custodians contributing to the high levels of efficiency we’re able to offer.

Call American Retrieval for high-quality medical record retrieval for North Dakota’s legal industry. You’ll see improvements amongst your dedicated team of attorneys almost immediately using our valuable services.

Our Services:

  • Affordable pricing
  • High-speed record retrieval services for attorneys and law firms of all sizes
  • HIPAA-compliant online portal with a full suite of functionalities and robust security
  • Record storage for legal information on confidential, secure servers
  • Real-time record tracking capabilities for each request

Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Accidents, emergencies, and pre-existing conditions are bound to affect Americans at any given time. Throughout a person’s life, they will probably require some kind of assistance from an insurance company when making a claim or seeking medical coverage for a procedure, medications, continued care, and other healthcare-related issues requiring insurance coverage. Medical records can make the claims process much smoother and more manageable, so having access to a reliable medical record retrieval company is crucial.

American Retrieval is a North Dakota medical record retrieval company working with insurance companies of all sizes as well as individual agents, offering expert services at affordable rates. With our extensive network of relationships with medical record providers and custodians, we can quickly access and ship essential documents that will eventually help you determine someone’s coverage or finish up filing a claim.

Access all necessary medical records and patient information for your insurance team via our secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal. We’re proud to meet all confidentiality, security consistently, and privacy requirements outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services. Stop wasting time and money on unreliable record retrieval companies or in-house options. Instead, outsource all medical record retrieval needs to the highly skilled and qualified team of experts at American Retrieval.

Our Services:

  • Affordable, flat rate pricing model
  • Impressive turnaround times for insurance company medical record retrieval
  • Access to medical records on our secure online portal for APS and claims
  • Access, annotate, search, combine and share documents with authorized team members via the HIPAA-compliant virtual portal
  • HIPAA-compliant portal complete with a suite of useful tools to enable insurance teams to collaborate on critical medical records for APS and claims
  • Super secure online record storage
  • Track all medical record requests from start to finish for your insurance company

There When You Need Reliable North Dakota Record Retrieval

American Retrieval is the number one North Dakota medical record retrieval company to trust to be on your side, offering fast, secure, and affordable services to insurance and legal teams. Take the necessary next steps to improve your company’s productivity with the impressive virtual tools and products from the medical record retrieval professionals at American Retrieval.

Outsourcing record retrieval to a reliable, professional service provider like American Retrieval ensures that your insurance company or law firm saves time, money, and valuable resources. Instead of having an in-house employee focus on the time-consuming task of medical record retrieval, allow American Retrieval to take the reigns.

We base our prices on state statute cost limitations, which is why you will always find the lowest rates at American Retrieval. Compare our costs against other North Dakota medical record retrieval companies before settling on the best. Bring productivity, efficiency, and synergy to levels you’ve never seen before with medical record retrieval services from the trusted team at American Retrieval. Contact us now to get started improving your insurance company or law firm in North Dakota.