Minnesota Medical Record Retrieval Services

Minnesota’s Most Trusted Medical Record Retrieval Solution

The medical record retrieval process can be costly and time-consuming for law offices and insurance agencies. In Minnesota, law firms and insurance companies look to American Retrieval Company for budget-friendly, efficient, and advanced medical record retrieval solutions. Our industry-leading services give you the time to focus on the work that really matters.

In-house record retrieval makes it difficult for your employees to focus on legal cases and insurance claims. We’ve cultivated lasting relationships with law offices and insurance agencies across Minnesota as a trustworthy and secure medical record retrieval service, so you can be sure that your important medical records are handled with care. Let us deal with the documents, so you can prioritize the needs of your business and give clients the time and attention they deserve.

We utilize industry-leading innovations in digital porter technology to quickly and privately deliver medical records to your law firm or insurance agency. Our top-of-the-line virtual portal allows you to access necessary documents right at the touch of your fingertips.

When you work with American Retrieval Company, you know you’re in the right hands. We work hard to give you high-quality medical record retrieval services throughout Minnesota. Our dedicated staff and innovative systems will make the medical retrieval process more accessible than ever before.

Law Firm Medical Record Retrieval in Minnesota

Since 1993, we’ve provided law firms in the state of Minnesota with our trusted medical record retrieval services. Our inventive tools and easy to use technology help to optimize your medical record retrieval process. Regardless of your law firm’s size or scale, our top-quality workforce has the best record retrieval solutions available for whatever your needs might be.

The importance of accurate and efficient medical record retrieval services for law firms is undeniable. One simple record could make or break the outcome of a legal case. To make your client happy and win that case, work with American Retrieval Company. You can be sure that all medical records are safe and secure in our private, HIPAA compliant client portal. Gain confidential access to all the documents you require with the push of a button.

We know how essential fast turnaround rates are for lawyers. Our industry-leading virtual portal allows attorneys to view records in real-time on smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. It’s a fast and convenient way to order, track, and maintain all of the essential information you need to win a big case. Our innovative portal also allows you to gain updates on requests, delays, and any other questions you have.

It’s never been easier for law firms in Minnesota to receive essential medical records with American Retrieval Company’s virtual online portal. Access all the relevant documents you require using our technology to win your case and keep every client happy.

Our Services:

  • Confidential HIPAA compliant client portal
  • Efficient digital medical record retrieval services for law firms
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, including a full suite of editing software and text search tools
  • Dedicated customer service professionals to assist in every aspect of Minnesota medical record retrieval processes for your law firm
  • Easily shareable records that allow for highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking
  • Easily searchable databases
  • Budget-friendly, flat-rate pricing models
  • Fastest turnaround times in the medical record retrieval industry
  • Tracking updates for all record requests

Insurance Medical Record Retrieval in Minnesota

We’ve assisted insurance companies in Minnesota for over 25 years with our trusted medical record retrieval services. We’ve fine-tuned our processes to deliver you the highest-quality medical record retrieval solutions available. Access documents quickly and easily with our HIPAA compliant virtual client portal. Our simple solutions allow you to optimize your insurance agency’s workflow exponentially.

We understand how challenging the insurance industry can truly be. Shorten your to-do list in the office and allow our dedicated staff to simplify your medical record retrieval process. Insurance companies can use our HIPAA compliant virtual platform to view documents and search, annotate, highlight, and combine any records necessary. Our straightforward solutions allow you to streamline workflows, focus on completing claims, and keep clients coming back.

As the #1 trusted medical retrieval service in Minnesota, our solutions are specifically designed to be easily installed and implemented into your existing workflow. It’s always frustrating for employees to adapt to new technology, but we’re here to make your life easier. While you concentrate on settling incoming claims, we work tirelessly to improve our technologies and provide industry-leading medical record retrieval services to insurance agencies in Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Our Services:

  • Lowest flat-rate pricing
  • Secure record storage in our HIPAA compliant server
  • Easily searched, shared, and annotated digital records
  • Quick and straightforward service time
  • APS and claims digital medical records retrieval
  • Searchable and easily shareable records with annotation capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professional to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Service request tracking capabilities

Budget-Friendly Rates

At American Retrieval, we understand the importance of fast, reliable medical record retrieval services for law firms and insurance companies. Faulty retrieval services can be detrimental to a legal case or insurance claim. When Minnesota firms and agencies work with us, they receive innovative record retrieval services at a budget-friendly rate. Leave the busy work up to us so you and your employees can continue to assist Minnesota residents in a variety of legal and insurance matters. You can expect us to deliver efficient, affordable services with exceptional customer service and easy to access online portals. Don’t waste time and money tracking down medical records for your next case or claim; Leave it to the professionals at American Retrieval Company and get back to the work that really matters.