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How Does a Medical Records Retrieval Service Help Law Firms Save Money?

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  1. Saves Time and Money
  2. Medical Records Retrieval Services Reduce Human Errors
  3. Faster Delivery Time
  4. Happier Clients
  5. Improving Your Firm’s Win Rate With a Medical Records Retrieval Service

Sorting through medical records is a complicated and timely process, even for those dedicated to the healthcare field; this is why a medical records retrieval service is vital for your law firm. Collecting medical documentation to build a case is often difficult because of HIPAA privacy laws. Additionally, many law firms face the challenge of saving time, budgets, and in-house resources. A medical records retrieval service helps to eliminate these complications so that you can focus on legal matters.

Saves Time and Money

A medical records retrieval service helps to take the guesswork out of medical records retrieval. Instead of trying to budget your billable hours or salaried time, American Retrieval offers a flat-rate retrieval cost, so you know exactly how much you’re spending.

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In addition, paying for medical records retrieval reduces your team’s workforce spent sorting through and searching for medical documentation. When working on larger cases where more documentation is needed, it’s more cost-efficient for you to hire a medical records retrieval company instead of paying for more staff hours. In the end, this will help your clients to save money too.

American Retrieval handles requests of all volumes and can size up or down, depending on your needs. You’ll know what to expect for your spend, even as retrieval volumes change.

Medical Records Retrieval Services Reduce Human Errors

As medical records requests are sent in, it’s common for there to be delays in documentation retrieval because of human errors. Some common mistakes seen are an incorrect date range entered in, incorrect spelling of a patient’s name, or incorrect patient files retrieved.

Unfortunately, these errors can cause delays in the retrieval process, causing you to spend more of your budget on unhelpful records. By using this service, you can ensure all requests filed avoid potential problems caused by human errors. 

Additionally, American Retrieval provides your law firm with a dedicated account service professional. This individual will help guide you through the entire retrieval process and answer any questions or concerns.

All of the records stored with American Retrieval are HIPAA-compliant, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking any privacy laws due to misunderstandings or mistakes made by your team.

Faster Delivery Time

Every case has its challenges, but there’s no room for delays when you’re dealing with the law. Hiring American Retrieval for your medical records retrieval needs will ensure you have visibility of the entire process. This will help you to set accurate timelines in your case, so you have a clear status of progress. 

Also, American Retrieval works hard to streamline your workflow, so you know when requests are fulfilled. You won’t waste anymore time looking for misplaced requests or searching for someone to help you resolve a request issue, which will significantly reduce how much time you spend looking for documentation. 

Happier Clients

When you’re not spending as much on manpower, you’re able to charge lower rates for your clients. Additionally, American Retrieval processes assists with client intake. Your clients can request appointments with you, provide their information, and any documentation online, without having to call. As a result, you can service more clients at a faster rate, because you’ll have access to all of the information you need in one spot. 

Improving Your Firm’s Win Rate With a Medical Records Retrieval Service

At American Retrieval, we’re here to support you in what you do best. We’re dedicated to delivering the medical documentation needed for your firm to save money and win. Don’t waste any more time or money looking around for medical documentation. Contact us today to see how our medical records retrieval service can help improve your law firm’s current processes.

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