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How Does a Medical Record Retrieval Service Help Law Firms Save Time?

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  1. Medical Record Retrieval Services Eliminate Time-Consuming Step
  2. Handling Record Storage
  3. Our Medical Record Retrieval Services Solve These Problems
  4. Let American Retrieval Help Your Firm Save Time

Law firms benefit from using a medical record retrieval service that automates and streamlines the entire process from A to Z. Whether your firm specializes in worker’s compensation claims, personal injury, or wrongful death, the crux of your cases depends on the medical records documentation. But, chasing down, organizing, and managing those records can be time-consuming.

Medical Record Retrieval Services Eliminate Time-Consuming Steps

By choosing to use a records retrieval service, legal firms can eliminate the tedious, complicated, multi-step process entirely. Without the help of a service, lawyers, paralegals, clerks, and other valuable members of your firm will be reduced to mundane tasks including:

Medical Retrieval Service Record

  • Creating medical record request letters for facilities and individual specialists.
  • Determining which facilities or medical specialists have records that must be requested.
  • Sending letters to each facility and professional.
  • Following up to ensure each facility and individual received the request letters.
  • Tracking responses, or lack thereof, from each facility or individual.
  • Processing and organizing each record as it is returned.

While each of these steps is part of the process for every legal case, they’re also not the best use of your team’s time. Once every document is requested, followed upon, and received, your firm then needs to determine how to handle those materials for the long term.

For most cases, the amount of medical documentation and material is extensive. And the longer the litigation process, the more complicated retrieval, storage, and reference of the material becomes.

Handling Record Storage

Once health and medical records are received from each source, your firm is legally required to store and maintain those records in accordance with HIPAA privacy laws. This complicates the long-term storage options for supporting documentation of each case your firm handles.

Both paper and digital storage options must be properly protected to maintain compliance. This means that you’ll need to determine what to do with each medical record requested on each case you’re handling. A few questions to consider include:

  • Do the records get scanned into digital form?
  • Where are those digital records collected and retrieved?
  • What happens to the hardcopy version?
  • Are those retained, and if so, how and where are they stored?
  • What steps does your law firm take to ensure those remain protected and private?

Our Medical Record Retrieval Services Solve These Problems

Retrieval Record Service Medical

Your law firm and its legal team is better utilized handling what they specialize in best: casework and winning. American Retrieval focuses on taking care of the mundane activities surrounding medical record retrieval services. Using our services provides your law firm with the needed documentation much faster and more efficiently, and our HIPAA compliant system ensures your records remain safe and secure while being easy to access as needed in the future.

While having HIPAA compliant, secure medical records is important, accessing, referencing, and utilizing those records is critical as well. A good medical record retrieval service and storage system needs to be fluid and flexible.

Using our medical record storage system, authorized users can add notes and annotations to records. Sections of the medical records can be highlighted or redacted as needed and bookmarked or cross referenced for ease of future reference. All of these features make medical record retrieval much faster and more efficient, so your firm can concentrate on areas it excels in.

Let American Retrieval Help Your Firm Save Time

Since 1993, we have been on a mission to help law firms like yours save time, and be more efficient with medical record retrieval, storage, and access. Our medical record retrieval services are unparalleled in the industry, and one of our dedicated team members is ready to assist you. Contact American Retrieval today to get started.
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