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How Can I Search Medical Records Retrieved by American Retrieval?

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  1. Why Use Record Retrieval Services?
  2. What Is OCR and Why Is It Crucial When You Search Medical Records?
  3. How Does American Retrieval Help You Search Medical Records?
  4. Hire American Retrieval to Help You Retrieve Medical Records

As part of their daily operations, many law firms and insurance companies often have the need to search medical records. This is generally regarded as extremely tedious and time-consuming. However, that process can be outsourced to experienced firms dealing with record retrieval services, while law firms and insurance agencies can focus on more important tasks.

Why Use Record Retrieval Services?

One of the advantages of using record retrieval companies is that they will deliver the medical records to the client in electronic form. American Retrieval provides this whether the records were received in a paper copy, via email, or digitally. In fact, not only will the client receive them electronically, but they will already go through optical character recognition (OCR). This is really a game changer if you’re going to search medical records.

What Is OCR and Why Is It Crucial When You Search Medical Records?

Normally, if you were to scan a paper document, you would have it in an electronic form, albeit as an image. While better than a paper copy, you would still have to look up the document manually if you wanted to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Unlike with hand-typed documents, the options to find or search through the document automatically won’t be available. OCR completely changes that.

OCR allows law firms and insurance agencies to convert a scanned document from a regular image to a searchable document. This means that you can insert any keyword you want and easily find every instance where that particular keyword is mentioned. You can imagine how handy that will come in if you’re dealing with documents that are hundreds, or even thousands of pages long.

How Does American Retrieval Help You Search Medical Records?

By providing all retrieved medical records electronically and OCRed, American Retrieval allows you to input a certain keyword and easily highlight all the pages where that keyword is found. There’s even an added tool that will enable you to take multiple sets of records, as well as provide a list of words instead of a single keyword.

That way, you can search for the keywords you’re looking for in many sets of records at once. Our system will highlight all the instances of the keyword and will bookmark all the pages where the keyword is found. And the best part is that all of this is done in mere seconds.

American Retrieval takes a task that is normally extremely time-consuming and equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack, and turns it into something everyone can do momentarily. Looking through a document of 300 pages will take approximately 10 seconds.

Hire American Retrieval to Help You Retrieve Medical Records

Law firms and insurance companies deal with important responsibilities on a daily basis. Therefore, dealing with retrieving medical records is not the best use of their time. Instead, it’s best to leave this process to firms that already possess the necessary expertise.

And when it comes to firms specialized in retrieving medical records, it can hardly get better than American Retrieval. A few of the reasons to choose us are:American Search Medical Records

  • We make getting medical records as fast as possible. In fact, we’re the firm that has the fastest turnaround time in the industry;
  • We have the most competitive rates in the industry. You can be sure that there won’t be any add-ons. And if for any reason the records can’t be retrieved, there won’t be any retrieval charges.
  • Our HIPAA-compliant portal is easy to navigate, allows our clients to order records in seconds, and is all around the best in the industry.

There’s no reason for you to waste precious resources and time on tedious tasks such as retrieving medical records. We provide record retrieval services for both insurance companies and law firms. Contact us today and we’ll help you search medical records effortlessly and quickly.

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