Delaware Medical Record Retrieval Services

Medical Record Retrieval Services for Delaware Businesses

Many people might not know this, but business owners in the legal and insurance industries understand the importance of high-quality medical record retrieval services. Medical records can be a crucial component to winning a legal case or securing a claim for an injured, out-of-work client. In short, medical records are incredibly important and have a significant impact on lawyers, insurance agents, and the people that they represent. American Retrieval is a Delaware medical record retrieval company offering affordable and efficient solutions for law firms, attorneys, and insurance companies across the Blue Hen State.

American Retrieval is a well-known and trusted name in the medical record retrieval industry. Since our inception in 1993, we’ve made it our priority to build strong relationships with networks on medical custodians and providers, allowing us to access and deliver necessary critical documents quickly. With our online tools, you can easily track orders in real-time and know exactly when you’ll receive incoming medical records. Prepare for your next legal case or focus on insurance claims while American Retrieval does all the heavy lifting. Our Delaware medical record retrieval services will help vastly improve your team’s productivity and collaborating abilities.

When you’re ready to invest in improving your insurance company or law firm’s workflow, trust your medical record retrieval services to the experts at American Retrieval. With our innovative virtual solutions and secure, reliable medical record retrieval services, your company will see improvements immediately.

Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms

Medical records can make or break a legal case, so it’s crucial that your Delaware law firm has fast and accurate medical record retrieval services. American Retrieval is a Delaware medical record retrieval company providing practical solutions for attorneys and law firms of all sizes across the state. Our highly-trained industry professionals take medical record retrieval seriously, so you can always be sure that you’ll receive the fastest, most efficient services possible.

Working with American Retrieval can be extremely rewarding for your legal team. Someone from our team will come out to implement our innovative online tools into your existing system, allowing your employees to easily access records and edit them using fantastic functionalities. Our online portal is secure, reliable, and entirely HIPAA-compliant. Your clients’ medical record information will always remain confidential in the care of American Retrieval. Use the virtual portal to open, annotate, combine, and share medical records and other essential information amongst your legal team. This high-quality tool will help take your law office’s productivity to the top.

Many business owners are inclined to think that investing in professional medical record retrieval services is a waste of money and instead opt to complete the task in-house. In reality, allocating the vital job of medical record retrieval to inexperienced employees can wind up costing you more money and resources in the long run. Stop wasting time and money when you can be focusing on winning legal cases; call American Retrieval to get started on implementing our impressive medical record retrieval solutions.

We’ve been a trusted name in Delaware medical record retrieval since 1993, so we know the ins and outs of the legal industry. Our knowledgeable medical record retrieval experts understand that no two law firms are ever the same and can find unique solutions to cater to your legal team’s individual needs. See improvements in productivity at your Delaware law firm when you secure medical record retrieval solutions from American Retrieval.

Our Services:

  • Upfront pricing model
  • High-speed medical record retrieval services
  • Secure online portal with a full suite of useful tools
  • Secure record storage on our private, HIPAA-compliant server
  • Real-time record request tracking

Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Although the services provided might be different from law firms, insurance companies are no different when it comes to needing fast and accurate medical record retrieval services. American Retrieval offers Delaware medical record retrieval services for insurance companies at competitive rates.

Your insurance team can take advantage of our easy-to-use technology to improve communication and collaboration between team members. American Retrieval’s HIPAA-compliant online portal enables authorized users to access, annotate, combine, share, and save important medical documents for insurance claims. You can always be sure that your clients’ confidential information is safe with solutions from American Retrieval.

American Retrieval is a trusted name in the medical record retrieval industry, especially for insurance agencies. Medical record custodians and providers recognize our name, and the strong relationships we’ve cultivated over the years allow us to access and deliver your critical medical documents quickly. With fast and affordable medical record retrieval services from American Retrieval, your insurance team can focus on securing clients’ claims instead of wasting time on the tedious task of medical record retrieval.

We always set our prices using state statute cost limitations, allowing us to offer Delaware insurance companies the most affordable medical record retrieval services in the area. With American Retrieval, you get lightning-fast retrieval and a valuable virtual resource that will integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow. Improve efficiency across the board at your insurance agency when you trust American Retrieval to provide outstanding medical record retrieval services.

Our Services:

  • Affordable rates for Delaware insurance companies
  • Impressive medical record retrieval turnaround times
  • Secure online record retrieval for APS and claims
  • Access, annotate, search, combine and share medical records amongst authorized insurance team members via our online portal
  • HIPAA-compliant portal complete with a suite of valuable virtual tools that allow your company to collaborate on critical records for insurance claims
  • Reliable online record storage
  • Real-time tracking for all medical record requests

The Number One Name in Delaware Medical Record Retrieval

Fast and efficient medical record retrieval can make all the difference for insurance companies, law firms, attorneys, and other business owners across Delaware. Don’t waste your company’s time, money, and valuable resources on in-house medical record retrieval, when there is a simple solution right in front of you. American Retrieval is a Delaware medical record retrieval company that can be an essential tool to take your business’s productivity to the next level.

With an upfront pricing model that allows you to compare prices online with other medical record retrieval providers, you can peruse our services before ever making a purchase. We promise that we’ll always have the best prices possible for your business with our set cost limitations. You want your business to be performing at peak efficiency, so why should your medical record retrieval services be any different? Don’t let this crucial task get tossed on the backburner. Prioritize high-quality medical record retrieval services and make the call to Delaware’s preferred medical record retrieval provider. Contact American Retrieval today and learn more about how our innovative services and solutions can improve your law firm or insurance team’s workflow today.