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Explore Affordable Denver Medical Record Retrieval Services

Working in the insurance and legal fields requires a lot of care and attention to ensure your clients receive the most favorable outcome for their unique needs or situation. Medical records can determine insurance coverage or final verdicts in many legal cases, so reliable and professional medical record retrieval services are precious.

Since so much can hinge on the protected medical files of your clients, it’s crucial to find a medical record retrieval company you can trust to get the job done right. American Retrieval is a top Denver medical record retrieval company, proudly providing reliable quality services since 1993. Stop wasting time if you’re struggling to get the medical records you need through your current provider. Contact us today to set your insurance company or law firm up for productivity and success with the best medical record retrieval company in Denver, Colorado.

Our Advantage

Since opening our doors almost three decades ago, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our medical record retrieval processes. As a result, we can provide insurance companies and law firms in Denver with exceptional customer service and solutions that save time, money, and most importantly, improve efficiencies. Explore the advantages of working with American Retrieval for all of your business’s medical record retrieval needs below:

Industry Reputation

American Retrieval has been in the industry since 1993, so we’re a trusted name in the medical record retrieval world. With a vast network of medical record custodians and providers, fulfilling your medical record retrieval requests is quite simple. We offer outstanding customer support from the initial setup of our services throughout the entirety of each medical record request.

Virtual Resources

Utilizing our Denver medical record retrieval services also gives you access to an innovative online portal equipped with a suite of useful functions. With the ability to access, search, annotate, highlight, combine, and share protected documents on a securely encrypted platform, authorized team members can work more productively and collaboratively on cases and claims. Our virtual portal is entirely HIPAA-compliant, so your mind can remain at ease knowing your clients’ critical information is always protected. We provide in-depth demonstrations of our unique system, which easily integrates with your existing setup, ensuring every member of your insurance team or law firm has the knowledge to utilize our online portal to its fullest potential.

Transparent Prices

Finding hidden or unexpected fees on the final invoice from your medical record retrieval partner can be incredibly frustrating and instill distrust. You don’t want to work with a company that isn’t transparent about its costs, but that’s never a concern at American Retrieval. We pride ourselves on upfront pricing based on state-specific statute cost limitations, enabling us to offer the lowest fees on our fantastic solutions. Stop overpaying for inadequate medical record retrieval services when you have an affordable option at American Retrieval. Our affordable solutions are just what your business needs to stay under budget without compromising on quality.

Fast Results

We understand that waiting around for the medical records you need can get frustrating too. In-house staff members or an unreliable retrieval partner can set your team back from where they need to beat their case or get coverage. For that reason, we strive to supply fast services with accurate results. Our industry-trained retrieval specialists understand the importance of speed and precision surrounding medical record retrieval services and consistently achieve the most rapid turnaround rates for your Colorado insurance company or law firm. Don’t let a late or missing medical document delay your client’s already stressful situation. Work with American Retrieval to receive fast, accurate medical record retrieval services in Denver.

Medical Record Retrieval for Denver Law Firms

We have vast experience working with professionals in the legal industry, providing high-quality medical record retrieval services to Denver law firms of all sizes. Whether you’re an individual attorney or operate a large law firm, and whatever your practice area might be, you can find the best medical record retrieval solutions for law firms at American Retrieval. Your authorized team members can take advantage of our useful virtual portal to prepare for upcoming legal cases and count on our specialists to retrieve the correct information required for all kinds of legal issues, including:

  • Malpractice Cases
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Mass Torts
  • Insurance Defenses
  • Product Liability Claims

You might believe the best way to stay within your budget is to task medical record retrieval processes to inexperienced employees or incompetent companies. Although it might save you a few dollars, this route often leads to mistakes and more time wasted waiting for the correct information. This will almost certainly leave your law firm with understandably unhappy clients and unsuccessfully litigated cases. Eliminate unnecessary errors, uncertainties, and setbacks when you select American Retrieval as your trusted partner. Contact us now to start with superior Denver medical record retrieval services for your law firm and see vast improvements to your legal team’s efficiency today.

Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies in Denver, CO

Our outstanding range of medical record retrieval solutions can also significantly benefit insurance companies in Denver, Colorado. After almost three decades of working with businesses in the insurance industry, we understand your needs and know how to fulfill them effectively. Our friendly support staff uses care and attention to ensure you’re ready to utilize our online portal and receive all of your requests on time. We work with insurance professionals and companies to obtain protected documents for a variety of insurance processes, including:

  • General Insurance Claims
  • First-Party Claims
  • Auto Accidents and Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Natural Disaster Coverage

Let American Retrieval handle all of your medical record retrieval needs now and stay focused on putting your clients first. Our solutions can help streamline your insurance processes, allowing your insurance teams to supply the best care to clients. Contact us now to explore and select high-quality Denver medical record retrieval services for your insurance company.

Don’t Miss Out on Denver’s Best Medical Record Retrieval Services

Your insurance or legal team already has a lot to worry about when it comes to caring for your clients during difficult times or delicate situations. Instead of worrying about where your client’s medical records are when you need them, work with American Retrieval and put your mind at ease. We proudly provide affordable medical record retrieval services for insurance companies and law firms in Denver, Colorado.

Get the resources, speed, accuracy, and transparency required to refine your processes and take your business to the top at American Retrieval. Contact our Denver medical record retrieval company to speak with a specialist and get started today.