Dallas Medical Record Retrieval Services

Partner With a Premier Dallas Medical Record Retrieval Company

Are you sick of spending your business’s time and hard-earned money on an unreliable and inefficient medical record retrieval partner? If the answer is yes, it’s time to make a change. Consider the exceptional services offered at American Retrieval.

We are a Dallas medical record retrieval company proudly partnering with insurance and legal professionals throughout the city, striving to provide fast, efficient, and most importantly, affordable medical record retrieval solutions.

The American Retrieval Advantage

As your business expands, you want to have the ability to take on more clients and provide expert care to your existing customers. Sometimes, an individual’s protected medical records can be the missing piece of a tricky legal or insurance puzzle. That’s why you need a superior medical record retrieval company in Dallas to handle all of your medical record retrieval needs.

At American Retrieval, we strive to provide the most exceptional medical record retrieval services in Dallas. Here are just a few of the advantages you get when working with our highly skilled team:

Industry Relationships

First and foremost, the foundation of our company is the strong partnerships we’ve made between ourselves and medical record custodians and providers in the Dallas, TX, area. We’ve worked tirelessly to craft a robust network of relationships with custodians and record providers, helping us maintain the fastest turnaround times.

When people see our name on the request, they know to act fast. Thanks to our strong partnerships within the industry, we can always provide your insurance or legal teams with fast and accurate medical record retrieval in Dallas.

Virtual Resources

In addition to our impressive network of relationships, we also offer an incredibly valuable and versatile online tool, so your teams can keep track of all requests and maintain client confidentiality when accessing protected information. Our virtual platform seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing setup and comes complete with a wide range of functionality. Access, annotate, combine, and share protected medical records right in the HIPAA-compliant online portal.

Our clients have reported a number of excellent benefits when taking advantage of our virtual tool. We’ll provide your teams with the necessary training to utilize the online portal to its fullest potential. Keep your client’s privacy protected while still working more productively using our outstanding virtual resources.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Another great benefit of working with American Retrieval is that we have the best rates available for medical record retrieval services in Dallas, Texas. Securing our affordable services is a surefire way to beat your annual bottom line.

We base our pricing on state-specific cost limitations, allowing us to offer the lowest rates possible. You can search online for other medical record retrieval services, but we promise that the lowest prices are always at American Retrieval.

Fast Turnaround Times

As you might imagine, medical record retrieval can be a tedious and time-consuming process. In addition, inexperienced medical record retrieval providers or your own in-house employees might be prone to mistakes. But with American Retrieval at your side, you can be sure you’ll receive the accurate medical information you need at lightning-fast rates.

Don’t keep your clients waiting with slow services from an unreliable medical record retrieval partner. We strive to provide the fastest and most efficient solutions for law firms and insurance companies of every size. You can count on American Retrieval to get you the medical records you need quickly.

Medical Record Retrieval for Dallas Lawyers

Are you starting to prepare for a big upcoming legal case? Medical records can be critical in securing a win for your clients either inside or outside the court. With so much hinging on the medical records you need for your legal case, there’s absolutely no room for errors. In-house employees or inexperienced medical record retrieval specialists can make simple mistakes that turn into huge problems on your part.

Don’t put up with unreliable medical record retrieval services. Instead, invest in medical record retrieval services you can trust. Contact American Retrieval today to speak with one of our knowledgeable specialists to set your law firm up for success.

Medical records can play a crucial role in many kinds of legal cases. We work with law firms, both big and small, or individual attorneys, providing the records required to successfully litigate several issues, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Malpractice
  • Mass torts
  • Insurance defense
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Product liability
  • And more

Allow our industry-trained team of medical record retrieval professionals to take care of your record requests, so you can stay focused on supporting your clients through their legal cases. Our secure virtual tools make it easy to collaborate with other team members confidentially and successfully win your case. Contact us today to get started with expert medical record retrieval services for law firms in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Your insurance company can take advantage of our medical record retrieval solutions as well. We work with a wide range of insurance professionals, from individual agents to larger insurance networks. When you need fast, affordable, and reliable medical record retrieval for a Dallas insurance company, American Retrieval is the name to call.

We’re proud to offer our HIPAA-compliant online portal, complete with comprehensive training and an impressive suite of tools, making it easier than ever for your insurance teams to take excellent care of their customers seeking coverage or making claims. Securely access, store, and share protected information amongst authorized team members, and give your clients the support they need during challenging experiences.

Take full advantage of the affordable medical record retrieval services we offer for insurance companies so that you can assist your customers with an array of claims and coverage types, including:

  • General claims
  • First-party insurance claims
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance and accidents
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Natural disaster coverage
  • And more

Don’t waste any time away from your insurance customers attempting to track down medical records when they need your support right now. Instead, choose to outsource your record retrieval system to a trusted third party. Partner with the industry-trained professionals at American Retrieval and receive the best medical record retrieval services for insurance companies in Dallas, TX.

Superior Medical Record Retrieval Services in Dallas, TX

Protected medical records can play an important role in several of the essential services both attorneys and insurance professionals provide. With so much emphasis on these essential documents, it’s critical to work with a Dallas medical record retrieval company you can trust. That’s where American Retrieval can help.

We offer our exceptional medical record retrieval services to law firms and insurance companies of all sizes. Your team can take advantage of our valuable tools, impressive turnaround rates, affordable pricing, and reliable network of relationships. Contact the American Retrieval team today to get your insurance company or law firm set up with some of the nation’s best medical record retrieval solutions.