New York City Medical Record Retrieval Services

New York City’s Premier Provider of Medical Record Retrieval Services

In the bustling metropolis of New York, New York, insurance companies and law firms need to find the best medical record retrieval services for their businesses. At American Retrieval, you can’t beat our lightning-fast delivery and innovative virtual tools. We’re on your side, offering outstanding customer support and valuable solutions, so your New York City business can continue serving clients successfully.

Insurance companies and legal teams rely on medical records to build a robust legal case or file insurance claims and APS requests. American Retrieval provides superior medical record retrieval services in New York City, helping improve your insurance company or legal firm’s efficiency tenfold. Give us a call or go online to contact a medical record retrieval professional today.

Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms

For nearly 30 years, American Retrieval has served lawyers and legal teams across the country with valuable medical record retrieval services that set us apart from the competition. We are a New York City medical record retrieval company working with attorneys in every specialty or within law firms of any size, providing valuable services so your legal team can stay focused on winning cases for clients.

At American Retrieval, we are highly aware of just how critical medical records can be to a legal case’s outcome. Relegating this task to an inexperienced employee or intern can be a recipe for mistakes and lapses in communication. Your law office needs reliable medical record retrieval services from industry-trained specialists at American Retrieval.

With American Retrieval, your law office receives a robust set of virtual tools to help enhance productivity and secure successful litigation. Explore our HIPAA-compliant online portal to see the suite of useful tools offered to propel collaboration and communication efforts forward throughout the day. Our outstanding, around-the-clock customer support and super-fast services integrate seamlessly into your law office’s existing workflow and systems.

Stop wasting precious time and money with unreliable, low-quality medical record retrieval services. Make American Retrieval your preferred choice in NYC medical record retrieval company and have a massive advantage over competing attorneys. Find medical record retrieval services in NYC that fits your legal team’s every need at American Retrieval.

Our Services:

  • Competitive pricing set using state statute cost limitations
  • Medical record retrieval for attorneys in all specialties or law firms of any size
  • HIPAA-compliant online portal designed with a wide range of capabilities to enhance collaborative efforts on legal teams
  • Secure online record storage for confidential client documents, medical records, and other critical legal information
  • Regularly updated medical record request tracking

Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Just like you take care of clients after auto accidents or medical treatments, American Retrieval has you covered when it comes to high-quality medical record retrieval for insurance companies in New York. We provide services and implement tools to enhance efficiency and productivity during daily operations at your insurance office.

Working with American Retrieval as your preferred New York City medical record retrieval service can save time, money, and resources. Our reliable, industry-trained medical record retrieval specialists supply lightning-fast services so you can stay current on all open claims and client needs.

At American Retrieval, we understand how draining medical record retrieval can be on your business’s bottom line, taking time away from the important work your insurance company does throughout the day. Instead of using an in-house employee to complete this complicated task, call American Retrieval to receive professional medical record retrieval services in NYC.

We install a robust virtual portal, meeting all HIPAA confidentiality requirements, so you can quickly access, search, annotate, combine, and share critical documents amongst team members. Our HIPAA-compliant online portal provides a platform for insurance teams to collaborate easily, helping exceed your clients’ every expectation. Take the hassle out of medical record retrieval and take advantage of our valuable online resources with reliable medical record retrieval services for New York City insurance companies.

Our Services:

  • The most affordable medical record retrieval services in NYC; Shop online, compare, and save at American Retrieval.
  • Lightning-fast turnaround time for every medical record retrieval request
  • Store APS and claims securely on a HIPAA-compliant online portal, complete with a suite of tools for authorized teams to access and search, take notes, search, combine, and finally share such records
  • Real-time record request tracking for all medical records and confidential patient documents

Superior Medical Record Retrieval Services in NYC

American Retrieval is the premier provider of medical record retrieval services in New York City. We serve insurance companies and law firms of all sizes across the five boroughs, bringing valuable solutions to your business at budget-friendly rates.

At American Retrieval, we base the prices of our services on state statute cost limitations, allowing us to offer the lowest rates every time. Take time to shop around and compare our prices with other New York City medical record retrieval companies, but we can promise that the best rates are right here at American Retrieval.

Use our HIPAA-compliant online portal, complete with a range of useful tools and functions, to improve collaboration amongst team members, making it easier to serve your clients successfully. Our customer service specialists are on your side whenever your need immediate support as well.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the medical record retrieval industry, we can reliably say that our services are superior. We have a broad network of medical record custodians and providers who can help us complete every request with impressive speed and accuracy. Contact American Retrieval today to receive outstanding medical record retrieval services in NYC.