Georgia Medical Record Retrieval Company

The Ideal Medical Record Retrieval Solution

Throughout Georgia, we provide trusted and affordable medical record retrieval services that your business can rely on. Over the years, we’ve established partnerships and relationships with countless law firms and insurance companies that utilize our medical record retrieval services for their cases and claims.

As a national leader in medical document retrieval, American Retrieval is on the leading edge of effective, affordable, and lightning-fast services and technology. We understand how crucial medical records are for the success of many Georgia law firms and insurance companies. Our systems free up your paralegals or other team members’ time to focus on core competencies for an improved process.

We offer a versatile and incredibly powerful HIPAA compliant portal for medical record retrieval. This portal comes equipped with navigation tools, improved search capabilities, and annotation functions that make medical documentation far easier to manage while also complying with HIPAA guidelines. We know how vital speed and reliability are for legal cases or insurance claims. Our dependable medical documentation retrieval services can help keep your costs down and operations are running smoothly.

Georgia Law Firm Medical Record Retrieval

Over the years of partnering with countless law firms, we’ve noticed a common thread regarding what they value most in a medical record retrieval service. Speed and reliability are, by far, the most important factor for casework. Our HIPAA compliant portal makes the process simpler, faster — and gives our legal clients peace of mind when it comes to medical records.

Throughout Georgia, we’ve partnered with a variety of legal clients to create better and safer medical record retrieval processes that lighten the casework load. Law firms, both big and small, have put their faith in American Retrieval and our HIPAA compliant portal for a better and smarter system. Our client portal gives you the power to search, order, track, and receive your medical records in a single location — with complete security safeguards in check. Our support team will be by your side every step of the way to make sure you’re not dealing with stoppages or hiccups.

Our Services:

  • Lowest Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Digital medical record retrieval for attorneys
  • Full suite of text search and editing tools using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Securely shareable records with annotation, bookmark, redaction, and highlight capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professionals to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Georgia Insurance Medical Record Retrieval

We’re one of the most affordable and reliable medical record retrieval services in the nation — and for good reasons. Our innovative technology and overall commitment to our clients has been the backbone of countless insurance company partnerships. Our HIPAA compliant portal allows real-time access to the medical records that are essential to your claims.

Your agents deserve a medical record retrieval system they can depend upon for their claims and coverage needs. American Retrieval can optimize your processes and offer services that make retrieval much more manageable. Our digital portal improves workflow and expedites medical record retrieval. You’re able to find, order, and receive the protected health information you’ve requested in one simple and secure location. Insurance companies around the globe are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their medical record retrieval for a more cost-effective and practical approach to productivity. Our HIPAA compliant portal has amazing functions such as search text, annotations, highlight, and combine information capabilities for a seamless process.

We understand how stressful and difficult it can be to onboard an entirely new medical record retrieval system. Integration issues, pain points, and possible stoppages can cost your insurance company money. At American Retrieval, we’ve created a medical record retrieval system that integrates seamlessly with existing tools and processes for a painless transition. We want to make sure that our services empower our client’s efforts instead of hampering them. We’ll be by your side to make sure you’re on track with settling claims, determining coverage, and managing legal liabilities. Throughout Georgia, we’ve helped a number of insurance companies to provide processes and create safe and secure medical record retrieval services.

Our Services:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • APS and claims digital medical records retrieval
  • Searchable and easily shareable records with annotation capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professional to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Affordable Rates

We’re proud to provide affordable and reliable medical record retrieval services throughout The Peach State. Both law firms and insurance companies alike can benefit from easy and secure access to medical documentation that you need for your cases or claims. We set upfront approval limits through state statute cost limits on our medical records to ensure that you’re getting an economical solution to the transference of protected health information. For faster, more reliable, and better medical record retrieval services — contact American Retrieval.