Fort Lauderdale Medical Record Retrieval Services

Your Most Reliable Fort Lauderdale Medical Record Retrieval Company

Is your insurance company or law firm in need of a reliable medical record retrieval company? American Retrieval has excellent experience for nearly 30 years and is the first place you should seek out when in need of the best Fort Lauderdale medical record retrieval service.

If you want fast delivery, beneficial online platforms, and a simple request process for medical records, American Retrieval is the right company for you. With our help, you will better serve your clients whether you’re in charge of a legal team or insurance staff. Our affordable prices are also the most competitive in the industry.

Medical Record Retrieval Services

The American Retrieval Advantage

Has your law firm or insurance company taken on more clients than ever before? If so, you may need to begin outsourcing some of the more complex services including medical record retrieval. For a growing company, you need the most affordable medical record retrieval with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

You don’t want to waste your time and resources on an inexperienced in-house staff member who cannot get the job done. Instead, your law firm or insurance business should choose our reliable services. We provide excellent medical record retrieval across the Fort Lauderdale area for small businesses.

You will gain the benefits of our excellent online tools, customer support, and training with our medical records retrieval for insurance companies and law firms.

Industry Relationships

Due to our impressive services, we are one of the most popular medical record retrieval providers throughout Fort Lauderdale and the state of Florida. Our services are well-known nationwide within the industry.

We work continuously to build a robust network of relationships with medical record custodians and medical record providers throughout the healthcare sector. Due to the impressive network, when we send requests to those in our industry, they fulfill the requests immediately. You will gain some of the fastest turnaround rates in the industry with our help.

We ensure the quickest medical record retrieval services for Fort Lauderdale law firms, insurance companies, and surrounding Florida counties.

Affordable Prices

The best medical records retrieval for Fort Lauderdale law firms and insurance companies from American Retrieval comes at affordable and budget-friendly rates. We utilize state-specific statutory cost limitations to ensure the lowest rates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and other regions.

You can search for lower rates at our competitors, but you won’t find a better deal from alternative medical record providers. We provide you with the best prices in the industry throughout Fort Lauderdale.

Virtual Resources

Over the last several decades, we have produced an incredible online system for storing and accessing medical records that legal teams and insurance staff can utilize. Furthermore, your clients can benefit from our HIPAA-compliant virtual portal, as their medical records remain secure and protected.

Due to such strong security around healthcare information, more than two-thirds of individuals prefer their clinicians to share medical information that federal data-sharing regulations no longer require.

The most advanced technologies are essential for sharing and accessing medical information securely. We will provide the training your team needs to use the online tools to their complete potential. When you outsource your medical record retrieval and use key online tools, you will have more reliable records and have time to focus on other client needs.

Fast Turnaround Rates

Are you in need of fast medical records retrieval for insurance companies and law firms? At American Retrieval, we always seek to provide the fastest turnaround times whether it is your first medical record request or your 91st.

In-house employees often lack the experience needed to ensure correct and timely medical record retrievals. With our services, our professionals have the expertise needed to provide quick medical record access and even provide you with real-time tracking and ongoing updates.

Most Reliable Fort Lauderdale Medical Record Retrieval Company

Medical Records Retrieval for Fort Lauderdale Attorneys

Do you have a big court case coming up? Our superior medical records retrieval for Fort Lauderdale law firms ensures that you get the evidence you need quickly and error-free. You don’t want to leave these services to less experienced in-house staff or ineffective outsourced services since the records might have an excess of mistakes.

You can utilize medical record retrieval services for a variety of reasons in legal cases. Our experts retrieve medical records for both large and small law firms and individual attorneys in every practice area for a wide range of legal reasons, including:

  • Malpractice
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Mass torts
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Insurance defense
  • And more
Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

Fort Lauderdale Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Companies

We provide some of the best medical records retrievals for insurance companies throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. American Retrieval can provide insurance companies with claims digital medical records retrieval, flat rate prices, and searchable records stored on HIPAA-compliant servers.

Your insurance team can take advantage of our affordable medical record retrieval options to help your clients with a wide range of insurance claim purposes and types, including:

  • Natural disaster coverage
  • Auto insurance and car accidents
  • Health insurance
  • First-party insurance claims
  • General claims
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • And more

Outsourcing your medical retrieval services to a reliable medical retrieval partner can give you more time to focus on other client needs. Contact American Retrieval today to experience the difference the best medical retrieval company for Fort Lauderdale insurance companies can make.

The Best Medical Record Retrieval Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Fort Lauderdale, you will gain the best medical record retrieval service from American Retrieval. Furthermore, our medical record retrieval company will personalize services to ensure all your needs are met.

We have the knowledge and decades of experience to serve the legal and insurance sectors quickly, effectively, and reliably.

We know the importance of medical documentation to serve as potential evidence in court cases and as part of claims issues and coverage for insurance customers. With our quick turnaround times, virtual tools, and strong industry relationships, you will gain the best services around.