Florida Medical Record Retrieval Company

Your #1 Medical Record Retrieval Solution

Throughout Florida, we provide affordable and efficient medical record retrieval services for law firms and insurance companies.
As a trusted provider, we offer unparalleled technologies and service for expedited medical record retrieval that can make a difference in your cases or claims.

American Retrieval is a national leader in fast and reliable medical record retrieval. Our client portals and customer support empower law firms and insurance companies like yours for a simplified process you can rely on. With improved search functionality, seamless navigation, and powerful annotation tools at your disposal — our digital portal can free up your staff and improve efficiencies.

We know how crucial medical documentation is for your cases and claims. We also know how much of a headache medical record retrieval can be without the right tools and processes at your disposal. We implement fast and simplified medical document retrieval systems for a smarter, better methodology. Not only does American Retrieval speed up the process, but our portal also makes collaborative efforts within your law firm or insurance company a walk in the park.

Florida Law Firm Medical Record Retrieval

Perhaps the most common factor for every law firm we’ve worked with for their medical record retrieval is speed. Our HIPAA compliant portal enables a much faster process while improving upon efficiencies. By consolidating information and implementing simplified search functions, we’re able to free up your paralegal’s time so that they can focus on core competencies.

We’ve partnered with countless Florida law firms for improved medical record services that benefit their casework. With real-time access to medical records, firms like yours can search, order, track, and receive medical documentation in an easy to use digital portal. Our customized support can help you manage problems, pain points, and roadblocks you may run into during the medical record retrieval process. You’re able to receive all the information you need without skipping a beat with American Retrieval.

We’ll be by your side during every phase of your medical record retrieval process so that you can move forward with your case.

Our Services:

  • Lowest Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Digital medical record retrieval for attorneys
  • A full suite of text search and editing tools using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Securely shareable records with annotation, bookmark, redaction, and highlight capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professionals to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Florida Insurance Medical Record Retrieval

Here at American Retrieval, we take great pride in being the most reliable and affordable medical record retrieval service in the nation. Throughout Florida, insurance companies place their trust in our technology and services to outsource their medical record retrieval needs and processes. With real-time access to medical documentation, our HIPAA compliant portal simplifies everything.

Give your agents a medical record retrieval system they can rely on. Our simplified digital portal optimizes your retrieval process for a faster and more efficient system you can trust. With incredible capabilities like highlight, search text, annotation, and combine information — our client portal creates a seamless system that will allow your agents to focus on their claims without being bogged down by medical record retrieval.

Onboarding a new medical record retrieval system can be tedious and may create stoppages in your everyday processes. We understand this. That’s why our system seamlessly integrates with your existing process and tools so that you’re never running into unforeseen stoppages or issues that could harm progress. So, whether your determining coverages, handling legal liabilities, or settling claims — American Retrieval’s medical record retrieval services won’t ever slow you down. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with numerous insurance companies in Florida to implement smarter, better, and faster processes that save time and money for their business.

Our Services:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • APS and claims digital medical records retrieval
  • Searchable and easily shareable records with annotation capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professional to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Affordable Rates

We offer premier medical record retrieval services at the best price point available. We know how important medical documentation is for your law firm or insurance company. That’s why we provide affordable and efficient retrieval services for all of our clientele. With upfront cost limits through state statute cost limits, we make certain that our medical record retrieval services are accessible and low priced. Here at American Retrieval, we work closely as a trusted partner for your business for reliable and speedy medical record retrieval.