Colorado Medical Record Retrieval Company

Your Ideal Medical Record Retrieval Solution

We provide premium medical record retrieval services for law offices and insurance companies throughout Colorado. Over the years, we’ve established long-lasting relationships with countless businesses by providing medical record retrieval that is efficient, fast, and affordable.

Whenever we speak to legal teams or insurance personnel, their number one concern is always the same. They want to reduce how much time their staff puts into medical record retrieval. We understand the burden this process can put on your team. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create systems and processes that revolve around speed and security. It’s for this very reason that so many companies put their trust in American Retrieval.

Whether you need the missing piece to your case or records that will help you settle a claim, we can simplify the process. Our years of experience have prepared us for countless hurdles and headaches you may face. We’ll make sure that you’re always moving forward.

Colorado Law Firm Medical Record Retrieval

Our digital platform makes medical record retrieval a breeze. Allow us to transform your process, creating a far more efficient and lightning-fast retrieval system. We understand how vital medical records are for your case. Receiving accurate records when you need them can make all the difference for your case. We built our digital platform around your needs. This HIPAA compliant portal gives you real-time access, allowing you to order, track, and receive your medical records in one single location.

We work with all sorts of law firms, both big and small, to open up their time and budget with affordable medical record retrieval. Our portal is seamless, granting you secure and simple access to records you need. Our portal also comes with customized support so that you never miss a beat. Keep your cases on track with better processes, solutions, and services from American Retrieval.

We’ll take care of your Colorado law firm throughout the retrieval process. From start to finish, we’ll ensure that you get the medical records you need through innovative systems and revolutionary support.

Our Services:

  • Lowest Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Digital medical record retrieval for attorneys
  • Full suite of text search and editing tools using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Securely shareable records with annotation, bookmark, redaction, and highlight capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professionals to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Colorado Insurance Medical Record Retrieval

From search to delivery, our medical record retrieval process is the ideal solution for insurance companies. Our digital portal is HIPAA compliant, granting you secure and seamless access to the records you need and when you need them. We provide real-time access, giving you an easier route to settling claims.

Why make medical record retrieval more complicated than it has to be? We’ll optimize your workflow and retrieval process for a much more efficient system. Our digital portal puts the power into your hands, allowing you to locate and receive your medical records when you need them. With functions like search text, highlight, annotate, and combine information — you’re able to locate documents that you need for your claim quickly. Free up your team with a better medical record retrieval service.

We know how difficult onboarding a new medical record retrieval system can be. You’ve likely dealt with some unforeseen stoppages in the past that cost you both time and money. Our services integrate with the tools and processes you already have so that you’re never off track. Our system ensures you never skip a beat. We’ll take the struggle away from transitioning your medical record retrieval system so that you can settle claims, determine coverage, and handle legal liability straight away. We’ve worked with several Colorado insurance companies to provide improved medical record retrieval services.

Our Services:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • APS and claims digital medical records retrieval
  • Searchable and easily shareable records with annotation capabilities
  • Dedicated account service professional to help you manage the retrieval process from start to finish
  • Record storage on American Retrieval HIPAA-compliant and secure servers
  • Comprehensive request tracking

Affordable Rates

We know just how valuable medical records are to your law firm or insurance company’s success. We receive our records at the highest competitive price point so that we can provide them to you at an affordable rate. How? We make sure that we go through state statute cost limits and set upfront cost approval limits so that you aren’t draining your wallet. Allow your employees to focus on core competencies while we take care of your medical record retrieval needs.